We are a Happier, Healthier Family Because of Her

Family Doctor: Dr. Michelle Hart

In the ten years since we’ve had Dr. Hart as our family doctor, we’ve always thought she was great. But this past year she has gone above and beyond for our whole family. After getting COVID earlier this year, I was really sick with a mix of scary and mystifying symptoms that were affecting my whole life – my ability to work and be a mom – everything. Over a period of a month, Dr. Hart and her team made time for me over and over again – fitting in appointments even through her practice is beyond full – both in person and on the phone to help me figure out what was wrong and help avoid more hospital visits. When she couldn’t see me, her team got me in with another colleague of hers or the PCN clinic and she always followed up with them, and then me. Through her “out of the box” thinking, frequent follow-ups and assurances that we would figure it out, I was able to get my life back in order and I’m grateful every day. Since then, she’s had contact with every member of our family, helping us through mental health issues, hormone issues, acne, and so much more. We are a happier, healthier family because of her.

Thank you Dr. Hart – you are a model of what primary care should be.

Jodi, Calgary