She is Personable and Unbelievably Thorough

Family Doctor: Dr. Margaret Borger

Peggy has been my doctor since I was in first year university, over 20 years ago! She wasn’t much older than me at the time. She is fantastic, she always goes above and beyond. She has taken on my family as we have grown, no easy task at all. Everyone in my family respects and adores her and they are a hard audience to win over. She has a great sense of humour which we all love. She is personable and unbelievably thorough. I love how she is so up to date and her office assistant Amber is second to none. I just want Peggy to know how much me and my family appreciate her and her expertise. Amber is awesome. I wish there were more family docs like Peggy. She isn’t taking new patients, none of the good ones can.