She is a Loving Family Doctor Who Truly Cares About her Patients

Family Doctor: Dr. Alexia Schneider

As I am an international student in Calgary (University of Calgary), I had no idea what a family doctor is (there is no such thing like a family doctor in my home country, Bangladesh… at least I have never heard). But I was lucky enough to get Dr. Alexia Schneider as my family doctor. She checks me at the Wellness Centre of my University. At first, I was kind of worried about meeting a new doctor and naturally due to high anxiety issues, I was pretty scared during my first appointment with her. But as I kept having follow up appointment with her, I simply fell in love with the way she treats me. In every appointment, she greets me by saying in a very cheerful voice, “Hey!! How are you doing today?” It makes me smile almost immediately.    
One appointment really got stuck in my head. I was having an extreme rough day and that exact day I had an appointment with Dr. Schneider. I broke down into heavy tears even before she came in the room. As usual she was about greet me. But as soon as she said, “Hey! How are…” she saw me crying uncontrollably and immediately instead of finishing her greeting, she asked me with a very soft and sweet tone, “Having a rough day? What’s going on?”   
She let me calm down first. I kept talking and talking. She even let me take a break between our talking as I was crying all the time. Pretty sure that appointment went overtime because of the severity of my breakdown. Even though I didn’t like the fact that, at the end of that appointment I was almost sent to the hospital. I seriously hate being at the hospital, it’s even more traumatic! Apart from that “almost got hospitalized” part, I really loved our appointment because of her caring and sweet nature. She is a loving family doctor who truly cares about her patients.    
Many many thanks to Dr. Schneider for being such a sweet and caring family doctor to me.    
Nausheen, Calgary