My Doc Rocks – Dr. Hoffart

Family Doctor: Dr. Kaili Hoffart

During my routine bi-annual check, Dr. Hoffart noticed a “strange spot” on my calf and thought it didn’t look “happy” and stated she didn’t like it! Due to the fact I was leaving town for 3 weeks, she gave it a zap with liquid nitrogen and asked me to come back to see her when I return.

On my return, she took a sample which was sent to the lab. While Dr. Hoffart was away on her own holiday, I received a message through the patient portal advising me the sample came back positive for Melanoma – as she had expected. She referred me to dermatology very quickly to get me in to get the Melanoma removed; I, having no idea how urgent this was, soon found out how quickly Melanoma spreads and grows.

The dermatologist was so impressed with the fact that Dr. Hoffart had even noticed the Melanoma and moved so quickly to get me looked after, stating “Kudos to Dr. Hoffart; I’m very impressed she caught that! You have yourself an amazing doctor!” I couldn’t agree more!!!

Dr. Hoffart is very attentive, listens well, and is extremely efficient at communicating in- office and via the Patient Portal. Both my husband and I see Dr. Hoffart and have commented many times, in the past, how fortunate we are to have her as our doctor. KUDOS Dr. Hoffart and THANK YOU for being the DOC THAT ROCKS!!

Anonymous, Edmonton