Keep up the amazing work!

Family Doctor: Haitham Kharrat

I moved to Edmonton from Victoria B.C. on June 10/20. On the night of June 20/20. I had a seizure and was taken to Royal Alexandria hospital and diagnosed with a brain tumor. I met with neurosurgeon Karolyn Au and we decided to proceed with surgery. I needed a physical exam and met with Dr. Kharrat. He told me I would need help post operation and he was willing to help me. He was awesome. It was a huge stress reliever.

The surgery went well and it was a benign meningioma tumor. He is very funny and since its COVID time he is one of the few humans I see. I lived in Victoria for five years with no hope of ever finding a family physician. It’s great to be in a province where family physicians are still available. Keep up the amazing work!

Sincerely, David McCurrach