I Feel That We Are in a Partnership

Family Doctor: Dr. Elizabeth Retzer

I moved to Calgary as a young teacher from Montreal in 1990. Dr. Retzer has been my family doctor ever since. I can’t remember exactly how I found her, but I feel so privileged to have had her by my side to take care of my health. She has also been my son’s doctor since his birth, 23 years ago. She has generously taken on the care of my husband as well.

What I really love about my doctor is that she looks you in the eye and starts by asking “How are you?” – she really wants to know. I feel that we are in a partnership, and she gives advice, but also asks what I think or prefer. I don’t know how she does it, but I feel she really knows me, even though I’ve been lucky and have not had too many visits to her office over the years.

I don’t mind at all going across the city to see her since she has moved her practice to the south of the city, it is well worth the drive. I am so grateful that my family doctor is such a competent and empathetic doctor. My story does not have accounts of complicated care or serious health issues. It’s just the story of a lucky patient and a wonderful caring doctor.

Chantal, Calgary