A Caring Heart – Dr. Gous

Family Doctor: Dr. Rudi Gous

Dr. Gous has been my family doctor for many years. He was my mom and dad’s family doctor too.

My mom was diagnosed with cancer and after a long struggle, she lost her battle in 2011. It was difficult dealing with her loss. Dr. Gous was able to provide the guidance I needed to get through everything. His patience and understanding made a huge difference to me. My dad lost his battle with cancer in 2021 as well, and Dr. Gous was understanding when explaining the kind of cancer that he had and I am grateful for his compassion as our family doctor.

Sometimes being an amazing doctor is having compassion, understanding and patience…

Thank you Dr. Gous, for the care you have provided to my family over the years!

We are grateful!!

Jan, Edson