Paging all Family Doctors!

You can help us show the value of family medicine by sharing your story. Whether it be sharing a memorable moment in your practice, telling us why you love family medicine, or celebrating World Family Doctor Day with us, we want to hear from you. 

Follow the prompts below to make a recording and send the video to to share your #MemberMoments.  

Option 1: Help us celebrate World Family Doctor Day this year!

In the spirit of  celebrating Family Doctors all around the world, share your wishes in another language. 

From Swahili to Spanish, we want to hear how YOU wish a “Happy World Family Doctor Day!” in your known language!

  • French: Bonne Journée des Médecins de Famille! 
  • Polish: Światowy Międzynarodowy Dzień Lekarza!
  • Spanish: Felíz Día de los Medicos de Familia!

Option 2: Tell us why you love being a Family Doctor!

Whether it be the patient connections, your staff team, the wide skillset, or whatever means most to you, we want to know why you love being a Family Doctor.

Need inspiration? Use the following prompt to get your started:

I love being a Family Doctor because…

Option 3: What has been a memorable moment in your practice?

We know how rewarding being a family physician can be. We want to hear what moments have stuck with you over the course of your career so far.

Fill in the blanks by adding your story to the following sentence:

The most memorable moment in my practice has been…