Only In Rural Alberta

Family Doctor: Richard Hackett

Several years ago I was a healthy phys ed teacher, runner, outdoors person, nothing wrong I thought. Over the Christmas holidays I was violently ill over 3 days, mainly with an unbearable headache. I got better and thought I had the ‘flu. A month later the same thing occurred and this time after recovering I thought I better get checked by Dr. Richard Hackett, our family Doc.

He immediately arranged a visit with a neurologist, who did all the things they do and sent me home to await the report. Shortly after I was out for a run and a vehicle came down the road toward me and pulled to a stop. It was Dr. Hackett who said: “John, I got the report back and you’ve had a series of “episodes”, like mini strokes. Meet me in the office.”

Long story short, high blood pressure is a family trait, I had it, we got it under control, and I’m a healthy and active 76 yr. old.

Dr. Hackett is since retired, but his son Cian practises in Rimbey. Dr. Richard Hackett possibly saved my life, and where else but in a rural practice, do you get a visit from a doctor while you are out on a run!

John Blades