No Judgment, Only Willingness to Help

Family Doctor: Dr. Ashley Rommens

There is the saying that through a person’s eyes, you discover the humanity of the individual. That is what I saw at my first appointment with Dr. Rommens and that is what I see at every appointment I have with her. Dr. Rommens’ gift is her ability to listen with empathy, no matter how serious or not serious your reason for being at the clinic. I have never felt rushed by her and when she discusses the medical problem that brought me to her, she listens and then addresses the way she feels that will help to alleviate or at least control the problem. Before I retired From McMan Family and Community Services, I would often bring a client into the Emergency Department at our hospital, which is connected to the clinic. My clients struggled with addictions and Dr. Rommens treated them with respect and allowed them their dignity. There was never any judgement and only a willingness on her part to help them on a healing journey. We are truly blessed to have Dr. Rommens at our Clinic.
Jane, Pincher Creek