In Gratitude for Such Fine Care 

Family Doctor: Dr. Membo Kibonge

This is a very trying time for all of us (what with Covid and other viruses, heavy demand on caregivers, financial, and other impediments) but especially for those fine family physicians and caregivers who serve us so well. I can only imagine the stress involved in practicing under the current circumstances and demands.

I wanted, therefore, to let you know of the excellent family doctor I have. In the many years of having fine family physicians, Dr. Membo Kibonge stands out. Despite his very busy clinic and large number of patients, he has treated me with extraordinary diligence, and patience; always listening well, replying to all concerns, and taking the necessary time to assist me and my condition. He has even provided me with the ability – and suggestion- to check with him by phone as to developments or questions I might have. He is very thorough, and knowledgeable of so many aspects of family medicine, of specialized issues, and of analyzing different and optional medications in detail. It is his dedication and care regarding all the above that stand out, and I wanted to advise you of this, especially at this trying and stressful time. I am very fortunate at this time to count on a professional like Dr. Kibonge. I hope you might be able to compliment Dr. Kibonge on his fine treatment of this grateful patient.

In addition, Dr. Kibonge is assisted by fine staff members who handle appointments, make referrals, and ensure that the physician is well supported in a variety of ways. In this regard, Ms. Yesenia has been extremely helpful for many years. With a kind and friendly manner and demeanour, she can always be relied on to provide the support to the physicians in the clinic, as well as to patients, and always in a careful and attentive manner. These are difficult and time-consuming responsibilities, therefore, those such as Yesenia are especially appreciated.
Morris, Edmonton