He Saved My Life and I Am so so Appreciative

Family Doctor: Dr. Ernst Greyvenstein

Almost nine years ago I came home from a family vacation with a sore neck after a wakeboard fall. My doctor took an X-ray and sent me for blood. The blood work showed abnormal, but I thought maybe the cold I had was the problem. Two weeks later, I took blood work again and it was still off. My doctor knew something could be up and contacted a hematologist right away. The two doctors consulted and before I knew it, I was in the hospital being treated for Leukemia. My doctor took the initiative to go above and beyond to make sure he followed up on my symptoms and care. Without that, they say I could have died. He is still my doctor over nine years cancer-free and he continues to make sure each year I have annual checkups and I am feeling ok. He is now the doctor of both my children and I am grateful to him for my life and for going above and beyond to find my diagnosis. He saved my life and I am so so appreciative.

Michelle Fraser