He Makes Me Feel Welcome and Accepted

Family Doctor: Mitchell Baruta

I am a middle-aged woman (40) and from Asia. I have a BA degree in English literature from back home, most of my English language instructors at University were Canadian, because of this I came to know that most Canadians are nice and kind since that time. My family immigrated to Canada in 2011.

Dr. Baruta is a person full of kindness, generous, caring, warm hearted, considerate, sympathy showing, encouraging, helping, and thoughtful.

I’m happy to have him as my family doctor. He listens to me with his full attention, catches the points of my pain or understands what I’m trying to say, then gives his diagnosis with reasons.

He explains with slow and easy words when I seem to not understand him. His explanation about diagnosis is beyond my imagination. For the serious symptoms, he gives solutions with what to do, so that I don’t worry too much. With the “Normal” test results, he tells me that “Fortunately You have Nice and Normal Test Results” with happy face. (I can feel his smiling.)

His greetings in the beginning and at the end remind me of the time I had a 1-hour interview with an immigration officer in 2010 in Canada—kind of mixed feelings of feeling welcomed, accepted of my opinions, cheering, and support.

When I have pain in my body and I’m holding his referral in my hand, my mind is happy and free from burden and worry because I feel he cares about my health. Thank you Dr. Baruta. I will get older and, someday, I will have menopause and will be senior with all white hairs and wrinkles all over me. Until I see you, I won’t take your kindness as granted.

I will eat healthy food, exercise regularly, sleep well, and take a good care of myself.

You are the best doctor and I give two thumbs up!
Claire Seoung Lee