He Is Family

Family Doctor: Dr. Ted

My family doctor rocks because he literally changed my life and the lives of my children. I was a very mixed up young person. I grew up in a violent home until I was 13 when Social Services apprehended me into their care.

My biological family left the province when this happened. I was alone and felt like an afterthought in the foster care system. I met my doctor when I was 19. I was uneducated and working as a server in a bar. He strongly supported me getting an education and helped me believe I could do it, an advocate when I really needed one.

He patiently treated me to the best of his ability as I struggled with alcoholism when I was in my 20s and early 30s. He assisted in my recovery and I have been sober for over 16 years now. He helped me quit smoking. He provided great family and life skills coaching and helped me not carry dysfunction into my own family. He saw me through five pregnancies, two heart attacks, and continues to treat me for mental illness, heart disease, and overall health.

He is my children’s doctor. When my second eldest passed away a few years ago, he was on the phone right away with me, offering my family support, care and therapy.

Now, I am 51 years old. I am employed. I am not homeless. I became educated (first woman in my family) and my children are educated or educating themselves. All because this one man really cared and went the distance over and over.

He helped us beat generations-old dysfunction. My family doctor is not just our family doctor, he is family.