Exceptional Care and Ongoing Support Saved Me

Family Doctor: Emma Morin

I am writing this story about the exceptional care I receive from Dr. Emma Morin of Ridgeview Medical Clinic in Canmore, Alberta.

I am a senior who is very blessed to have a very special family physician. I have chronic disease which Dr. Morin helps me manage with great knowledge, respect, and compassion. Dr. Morin looked after my husband for years and when my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimers-Lewy Body. She referred us immediately to specialists.

Dr. Morin helped me get connected to home care and participated in getting all the appropriate assessments, plans of care etc. in place that were a very important part of this journey. When I had to make the hardest and wisest decision of my life to place my husband in care  – everything fell into place even though it was in another community.

I had help and assistance until COVID-19 arrived and it pushed our situation into unmanageable circumstance. During all the immediate time of placement and my deep level of grief: Emma and the medical student she was supervising called me regularly for several months as I had lost my mental health councillor with COVID. This ongoing support saved my sanity.

I am a retired nurse who knows the importance of the role of Family Physicians in our health care system. I believe that our Family Physicians are the foundation of a strong, effective health care system.

Dr. Morin continues to play a very important role in living my best life as I age.

Very sincerely,
Lynn Cooper

Canmore, Alberta