Bending Over Backwards For Patient Care

Family Doctor: Dr. Alexandra Noga

I had a hip replacement Feb 28/2012 and also had severe osteoarthritis in numerous other joints. This affected my ability to work as any position I had held involved simple yet taken for granted abilities such as standing and walking. When, after I healed from the surgery, I went to Dr. Alexandra Noga (who has been my Doctor for approximately 10 years) here in Grande Prairie, and complained of joint pain throughout the body, and she referred me to a specialist. When she referred me to Dr. Lydell, the rheumatologist, Dr. Noga did not suspect rheumatoid arthritis but wanted to rule it out which of course, it was ruled out. Dr. Noga ordered blood work that she knew Dr. Lydell would be wanting, and that allowed him to have all the info he needed when I showed up for my appointment.

When the lab results for ferritin were abnormally high, it was again Dr. Noga who ordered genetic testing of yet more blood samples which confirmed hemochromatosis. It was Dr. Noga who ordered ultrasound tests to check for damage to internal organs that is common with my disorder and she sent me to a specialist for an echocardiogram to check for damage once again to a common target for one with hemochromatosis. She then referred me to an internist, Dr. Nikoleychuk, in the hematology department at the hospital. When I had my appointment with him they did a consult, asking me many questions and when Dr. Nikoleychuk spoke to me he said “I don’t know why you are even here because Dr. Noga has been so forward thinking and thorough that she has already ordered everything that I would have.”

I hope you can see why I want to somehow have Dr. Noga thorough work and dedication to her patients, this one in particular, acknowledged, commended, and recognized.

Thank you,
Christian Robinson, Grande Prairie