At Every Point of Care, Dr. Du Toit was Our Quarterback

Family Doctor: Anton du Toit

In September 2020, my 82-year-old wife of 62 years was diagnosed with lung cancer. When we moved to Leduc five years ago we were lucky enough to get Dr. Du Toit as our family physician. Josephine’s journey was not very long as the cancer progressed very quickly. Even though she was diagnosed at the beginning of the pandemic, Dr. Du Toit and the Griffiths Medical team did not let that compromise her care. Luckily in Leduc, Dr. Du Toit was able to follow her care from his medical practice to her home and then finally to inpatient care within the Leduc hospital. It meant the world to not only Josephine but all of our family to have the kind of compassion and care. At every point of care we had in our medical system, Dr. Du Toit was our quarterback, not having to constantly retell her story/medical history because he was an active part of all of her care. Josephine also though Dr. Du Toit was a very handsome man, with great style – so that doesn’t hurt either.

We could never thank Dr. Du Toit enough for the time, compassion, and humanity he showed our family. He was able to give her the peace she needed and continues to check in on my journey now.

Wallace MacNeil